cantilever discharge machine

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cantilever discharge machine

Bulkmaterialheavy-dutydischargeequipment Flatbottomoutwarehousemachine cantileverdischargemachine Rail-typewarehousemachine Conebottomdischargemachine One-storywarehousewarehousemachine scrapertypewarehousemachine  Spiraldischargemachine Applicableenvironment:Thebulkmaterialswithpoorfluidityinthesiloareforcedoutofthewarehouse.

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Bulk material heavy-duty discharge equipment  

Flat bottom out warehouse machine 

cantilever discharge machine  

Rail-type warehouse machine  

Cone bottom discharge machine  

One-story warehouse warehouse machine  

scraper type warehouse machine   

Spiral discharge machine  

Applicable environment: The bulk materials with poor fluidity in the silo are forced out of the warehouse.   

Applicable materials: ◇soybean meal, rapeseed meal, etc. ◇soy hulls and other grain shells and skins ◇cassava flour, dried potato ◇sawdust, wood chips ◇cinder and chemical products ◇other bulk materials   

Applicable warehouse diameter: 5m~28m Applicable output: 5t/h~400t/h It is suitable for discharging materials with poor self-flow properties such as soybean hulls, bran, soybean meal, cassava flour in small flat-bottomed shallow round warehouses (below 20 meters in diameter), with a capacity of 5t/h-400t/h. At present, this product has been used in Jiu San Group.  

●Easy to operate, one-button start   

●Material first in first out principle   

●In and out of the warehouse can be carried out at the same time   

●High degree of automation, saving manpower  

●The key components are all outside the warehouse for easy maintenance   

●There are two specifications of single cantilever and double cantilever for customers to choose

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