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Good news: Our company signed a soy hull delivery machine contract with Jiu San Group Tianjin Soybean Technology Co., Ltd.

Large flat-bottomed silo is the development direction of soybean meal storage in oil factories in recent years. The flat-bottomed silo has a large diameter, generally more than 20 meters, the height is low, and the effective height generally does not exceed the diameter, and the reserves are large, generally above 4000-5000 tons. The area is small, and the infrastructure investment is relatively small. province,

Accepted 24 clearance machines from Rizhao Port Jurong Company

In September 2012, Liaoning Hongrui Company successfully signed a contract with Rizhao Port Jurong Terminal Co., Ltd. for a clearing machine project in the reconstruction and expansion of the bulk grain storage and transportation system in Shijiu Port. The project is a 24 million-ton steel silo, each with one Sets of 250t/h~350t/h buried screw clearing machines, a total of 24 sets.

Undertake the project of 14 350t/h clearance machines in Beiliang Port

In September 2012, Liaoning Hongrui won the bid for the purchase of clearance machines for China Hualiang Logistics Group Beiliang Co., Ltd., and reached an intention to purchase 10 units for phase II silo clearance and 4 units for phase 5 silo clearance.

I wish to sign another project with Lanshan and Zhanjiang Port for 8 300t/h clearance machines and 4 200t/h clearance machines

After Lanshan Port purchased a 300t/h warehouse clearance machine in 2009, it purchased 7 300t/h warehouse clearance machines. This year, Lanshan Port Phase III project signed a purchase contract with our company for 8 300t/h warehouse clearance machines. .   Zhanjiang Port is also undergoing a 200t/h clearance
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