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Scope Of Services

Scope Of Services

Material clearance and bulk equipment——Clearance Machine  
  Applicable environment:Cylinder flat-bottom steel silo or cement silo clearing work after material flow
  Applicable materials:Soybean, corn, rice, wheat, rapeseed, beetroot, aluminum powder, cinder and other bulk materials
  The spiral clearing machine produced by our company is suitable for the clearing of grains such as soybeans, corn, wheat, barley, rice, rapeseed, beet stalks, etc. The equipment has undergone work tests under harsh conditions such as soybean compaction and poor rice flow. Since 2000, we have accumulated a lot of clearance experience. Through the layout of the parts in the whole machine, the spiral blade is at the forefront of the equipment, and the compacted objects are directly in contact with the spiral blades. The rotating spiral blades can easily cut and break the compacted objects. The walking propelling trolley reasonably increases the counterweight, which overcomes the current domestic parts. The clearing machine has the phenomenon of slipping and climbing; the open end of the trough makes it easier for the materials on the silo wall to enter the trough. Continuous improvement based on years of experience accumulation, the overall structure and details of the equipment have absolute advantages, and the technical level has reached the leading level in the same industry.
Bulk material discharge equipment-warehouse discharge machine 
  Flat bottom out machine
  Cantilever discharge machine
  Orbital warehouse machine
  Cone bottom discharge machine
  Applicable environment: The bulk materials with poor fluidity in the silo are forced out of the warehouse.
Applicable materials:
  Soybean meal, rapeseed meal, etc.
  Grain shells and skins such as bean curd
  Tapioca flour, dried potato
    Sawdust, wood chips
  Cinder and chemical products
  Other bulk materials
  The unloading machine is a kind of professional equipment suitable for cylindrical silos, which can make the materials in the warehouse come in and out at any time. It can be applied to a variety of materials to ensure the quality of the materials in the warehouse, improve the automation degree of material retrieval and save time And manpower. The new warehouse machine designed and produced by our company has fully absorbed the successful experience of foreign equipment of the same type. At the same time, in response to the problems in the use of foreign warehouse machines and domestic industry conditions, our company has made major improvements and innovations to this type of equipment, and has obtained national patents with independent intellectual property rights. In terms of various performance indicators, it has reached the water product of the same type of foreign products, and some performance indicators exceed the same type of foreign products.
Robot automatic packing/palletizing system

Our company also produces and manufactures robot automatic palletizing system with KUKA robot as the core, automatic packing equipment in rice factory, port grain and oil equipment, and non-standard automatic industrial equipment with KUKA KMC system as the core.

  The palletizer adopts KUKA robotic arm, and the KUKA palletizing robot has a palletizing capacity of 1000 packages/hour, with excellent system integration capabilities and integrated grippers. Outstanding energy saving features. The power consumption is 2.5-6.5kW, which is 1/3 of the traditional mechanical palletizer. At the same time, the low self-weight of KUKA robots can save energy, and can achieve high-speed work and maximum acceleration under the maximum load. For example, the innovation and progress of carbon fiber arms have reduced the self-weight of various types of robots. KUKA robots represent the world's most advanced robotics technology. 

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